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The Best Online Stock Market Learning Platform In India To Learn Share Trading With Accuracy, Simplicity, And Confidence. Students From All Over India Benefiting From IFMC Online Courses By Learning From Their Homes.

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Rs.5000 + GST

What it Covers ?

  • Main Focus – What to buy, When to Buy & When to Sell

  • Active VS Passive income

  • Introduction to Stock Market

  • Detailed Explanation of BSE & NSE

  • Meaning of GDP

  • Analysis-Paralysis Trap

  • GDP will increase forever & hence Nifty will increase

  • Warren Buffett – 2 Main Rule of Investing

  • Power of Compounding

  • Story of normal investor VS WB Investor

  • Guarantee of 15% CAGR in Nifty

  • Emergency Fund

  • Financial Planning – SIP Way

  • Life Insurance – How Much?

  • Life Insurance – From Where?

  • Medical Insurance – How Much and From Where?

  • Price to Earnings Ratio

  • Price to Book Value Ratio

  • Dividend Yield Ratio

  • How to convert Rs.1 Lakh into Rs.1.50Crore (Nifty)

  • How to Convert Rs.1 Lakh into Rs.7Crore (Junior Nifty)

  • Earning Analysis

  • How Identify trends i.e. upward and downward trend

  • Nifty Lump sum buying & Selling Rules

  • Important goals through lump sum

  • Junior Nifty Lump sum buying & Selling Rules

  • Bank Nifty Lump sum buying & Selling Rules

  • Historical Bank Nifty CAGR on applying rules

  • Sectors Analysis

  • Property Valuation – What to buy, when to buy & When to Sell

  • Gold – When to buy and when to sell?

  • IPOs – When to buy & when to sell?

  • Individual Companies

  • Individual Companies – What to buy, When to Buy and Sell

  • Market Capital to GDP Ratio

  • Live Individual company analysis

  • How to practically implement leanings of class?

Terms & Condition

  • Classes can play on Android or window laptop/Pc. Classes cannot run on any ios device.

  • Maximum screen size allowed is 24 inches.

  • Document verification Required – Aadhar card and passport sie pic is mandatory for classes.