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CMA INTER & FINAL Classes - Pendrive & Google Drive - As per New Syllabus 2022 - Cost Accounting (Paper 8) - SCM (Paper 16)

Elevate your CMA Inter Cost Accounting proficiency with the guidance of the esteemed faculty, Purushottam Aggarwal. Immerse yourself in comprehensive and insightful CMA Inter Cost Accounting classes designed to unravel the intricacies of this subject. With Mr. Aggarwal's unparalleled expertise, these classes promise an enriching learning experience, offering a deep dive into cost accounting concepts crucial for success in your CMA Inter examinations. Benefit from a structured curriculum, real-world examples, and personalized guidance, ensuring a solid foundation in cost accounting principles. Join now to empower your academic journey and excel in CMA Inter Cost Accounting with the best-in-class instruction from Purushottam Aggarwal.

CMA INTER - Paper 8 - COST ACCOUNTING (CMA) - Group 1 - Pen Drive Classes

cma inter cost accounting classes

LEVEL                    -CMA INTER





VALIDITY               - 8 MONTHS


cma inter costing

Pen Drive Lecture

Fees  - Rs.9500

cma inter costing best classes

Lecture with google

drive link

Fees - Rs.8500

Whatapp PACLASSES at 9582808296 to know about any discount offers.

Demo Classes - Please whatsapp "DEMO CMA INTER" at 9582808296.    

CMA FINAL - Paper 16 - Strategic Cost Management - New Syllabus - Dec 2022

Experience unparalleled excellence in CMA Final's Strategic Cost Management and Decision Making (SCMDM) with the industry's best classes led by the eminent Purushottam Aggarwal. Our program boasts the crème de la crème of faculty for SCMDM, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of strategic cost management concepts. Purushottam Aggarwal, a renowned expert in the field, guides you through intricate decision-making processes, imparting invaluable insights. Elevate your CMA Final preparation with top-notch faculty, empowering you to master SCMDM effortlessly. Achieve success confidently with our classes, meticulously designed to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making skills, setting you on the path to triumph in the CMA Final exams.

CMA FINAL - Paper 16 - Strategic Cost Management - New Syllabus - Dec 2022
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Important : - CMA Final Paper 15 also available as per old syllabus. Whatsapp team for details at 9582808296

Terms & Conditions :-

  • Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in laptop only, system cannot be changed due to any reason .If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • Classes will play only in laptop only. Classes will not play in Phone

  • Documents verification required .

  • Maximum Screen Size Should be less than 24 inches

  • Classes Links are send after 72 working hours.

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.

  • Documents Required - Aadhar + CMA Doc containing your registration number

  • For system requirements contact at 9582808296

Whatapp PACLASSES at 9582808296 to know about any discount offers.

Laxmi Nagar Address : Ground Floor 1/10 Surana Bhawan, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar , Delhi 110092
Contact : 8700064947

Demo Classes - Please whatsapp "DEMO CMA FINAL/INTER" at 9582808296.    

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