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ca inter costing classes new syllabus by ca purushottam aggarwal


CA INTER > New Syllabus > Paper 4 Cost & Management Accounting

Cost Regular (New Course)

ca inter costing classes new syllabus by ca purushottam aggarwal

Batch Details

ca inter costing classes new syllabus by ca purushottam aggarwal


Download Mode

Rs. 9500
ca inter costing classes new syllabus by ca purushottam aggarwal

Pendrive  Mode

Rs. 10500
Whatapp PACLASSES at 9582808296 to know about any discount offers.

Batch Details (New Recordings)

  • 8 Months validity

  • 3 hours Per lecture

  • Number Of Lectures - 60

  • Total duration - 180 Hours+

  • 5 Books in Hard copy (including MCQ book)

  • 2 Views Per Lecture

  • Doubts through whatsapp

  • 100% backup

Whatapp PACLASSES at 9582808296 to know about any discount offers.

Demo Classes - Please whatsapp "DEMO INTER" at 9582808296.    

ca inter costing classes new syllabus by ca purushottam aggarwal

Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable for new scheme 

  • Once you have installed the Classes in laptop only, system cannot be changed due to any reason.

  • If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • You are not allowed to format the Laptop after installation of Classes (Neither intentionally Nor Accidently)

  • Classes will play only in laptop only. Classes will not play in Phone

  • Documents verification required .

  • Maximum Screen Size Should be less than 24 inches

  • Classes Links are send in 48-72 working hours.

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.

  • Document Required - Unmasked Aadhar card + ICAI Doc containing Your registration Number

  • For system requirements contact at 9582808296

ABOUT : CA Inter Costing Classes

Buy CA Inter Costing Classes by CA Purushottam Aggarwal Sir. You will get 60 Lectures covering CA Inter Costing syllabus along with 5 Books. Latest Batch & Fully Amended. Free Shipping.Contact us to know any further  details about ca inter costing classes.

Enrollments are open for our Latest CA Inter Costing Batch. You will get with this course ‘The Most Updated Study Material’ of CA Inter Costing Classes.

The batch is the latest recorded  Buy ca inter Costing online course, pendrive classes & video lecture by India's Best Costing faculty CA Purushottam Aggarwal. These classes are applicable for new syllabus as per new scheme also.

Level - CA Inter

Paper 4 - Cost & Management Accounting

Welcome to our premier website offering unparalleled excellence in CA Inter Costing education. Elevate your learning experience with the best faculty for costing led by the renowned Purushottam Aggarwal. Our commitment to providing top-notch CA Inter classes is reflected in our latest ICAI batch, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic world of accounting. Explore our recorded classes for the utmost flexibility in your schedule without compromising on quality. With a focus on concept clarity, our CA Inter Costing new syllabus classes set the benchmark for excellence. Join us to witness exceptional results, making us the preferred choice for those seeking the best in Costing education.

Step into the realm of unrivaled expertise with CA Purushottam Aggarwal, a luminary in the field of Costing education. With a prolific career spanning 15 years, he stands as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Having imparted his wisdom to an impressive count of over 1 lakh students, CA Purushottam Aggarwal is synonymous with excellence in teaching Costing. His unparalleled dedication to the subject, combined with an innate ability to simplify complex concepts, has positioned him as the best faculty in all of India. Beyond numbers, his passion for fostering a deep understanding of Costing resonates through the success stories of countless students who have thrived under his guidance. Join the ranks of those who have experienced the transformative impact of learning from the best – CA Purushottam Aggarwal.

*Fees once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable nor transferable

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