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CA Final Costing Classes New Syllabus - Latest Batch 

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LEVEL                    -CA FINAL

SUBJECT               -SCM & PE (COSTING)



VALIDITY               - 8 MONTHS

BOOKS                   - 8 Books




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  • Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in laptop  only, system cannot be changed due to any reason .If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • You are not allowed to format the Laptop after installation of Pen Drive Setup (Neither intentionally Nor Accidently)

  • Classes will play only in laptop only. Classes will not play in Phone. Classes will play in window laptop only.

  • Documents verification required .

  • Classes Links are send in 48-72 working hours.

  • Students of UAE NEPAL & DUBAI, Please Contact us before ordering.

  • Classes will play only in window based laptop. classes will not play in phone or Apple laptop.

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.

  • Window 7 ultimate or above | Ram 2GB or above 

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India's Best Online Video Classes for CA Final, CA Inter, CS and CMA

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CA Purushottam Aggarwal is one of the pioneers in the Teaching industry for CA Final Costing and is considered as the best faculty For CA Final Online Classes in the on-going scenario of coaching for CA Final Costing Classes (New course as well as Old course). Purushottam Aggarwal always considered as the student’s first recommendation. CA Final SCMPE- Batch by Purushottam Aggarwal Sir. You will be guaranteed with the best-updated study material for CA Final Costing SCMPE.

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