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CA Inter Costing Classes

CA Inter Costing Classes For Nov 23 by CA Purushottam Aggarwal

CA Inter Costing Classes
CA Inter Costing Classes
CA Inter Costing Classes

Pen Drive Lecture

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Rs. 9500
Rs. 8500

(Books and Pen Drive will be dispatched at your address)

LEVEL                    -CA INTER



NO. OF LECTURE     - 53 (180+ hours) 


VALIDITY               - 8 MONTHS


  • Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in laptop only, system cannot be changed due to any reason .If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • You are not allowed to format the Laptop after installation of Pen Drive Setup (Neither intentionally Nor Accidently)

  • Classes will play only in laptop only. Classes will not play in Phone

  • Documents verification required .

  • Maximum Screen Size Should be less than 24 inches

  • Classes Links are send in 48-72 working hours.

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.

Whatsapp PACLASS at 9582808296 to know about discount offer, if any.

ABOUT : CA Inter Costing Classes

Buy CA Inter Costing  Classes by CA Purushottam Aggarwal Sir. You will get 53 Lectures covering CA Inter Costing syllabus along with 6 Books. Latest Batch & Fully Amended. Free Shipping.Contact us to know any further  details about ca inter costing classes.

Enrollments are open for our Latest CA Inter Costing Pendrive Batch. You will get with this course ‘The Most Updated Study Material’ of CA Inter Costing Classes.

The batch is the latest recorded & is applicable for May 23 & onwards exams. 

This course is valid for CA Inter - Paper 3 - Cost & Management Accounting Classes - 100 Marks

Course Content :

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Material Cost


Chapter 3: Employee Cost


Chapter 4: Overheads: Absorption Costing Method


Chapter 5: Activity Based Costing


Chapter 6: Cost Sheet


Chapter 7: Cost Accounting System


Chapter 8: Unit & Batch Costing

Chapter 9: Job Costing and Contract Costing


Chapter 10: Process & Operation Costing


Chapter 11: Joint Products & By Products


Chapter 12: Service Costing


Chapter 13: Standard Costing


Chapter 14: Marginal Costing


Chapter 15: Budget and Budgetary Control

"CA Purushottam Aggarwal sir is considered as best faculty for ca inter costing. He is first choice among students because of the best results and exam oriented teaching methodology. Many of his students secures Ranks in every attempt. "Concept is the king" is ultimate motive behind delivering lectures."

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