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SCM PE Terms & Conditions

  • Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in laptop  only, system cannot be changed due to any reason .If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • You are not allowed to format the Laptop after installation of Pen Drive Setup (Neither intentionally Nor Accidently)

  • Classes will play only in laptop only. Classes will not play in Phone. Classes will play in window laptop only.

  • Documents verification required .

  • Classes Links are send in 48-72 working hours.

  • Students of UAE NEPAL & DUBAI, Please Contact us before ordering.

  • Classes will play only in window based laptop. classes will not play in phone or Apple laptop.

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.

IDT Terms & Conditions

1. Covering all Amendments upto 30th April, 2020                                                                
2. 80 lectures [@3.5 Hours each]                                                                
3. Designed for CA Final, Nov 2020 Exams                                                                
4. Students appearing for May 2021 Exams can also use these lectures (subject to requisite updations through amendment lectures which will be made available separately, if any)                                                                
I. Video Classes Licence Agreement: SINGLE USER, SINGLE LAPTOP ONLY                                                                 
1. DG Education Video Content is sold for single user/customer for single laptop only. No sharing of video content in a group or in sharing is allowed as per this agreement.                                                                
2. No external Transfer of video content to any other device is allowed in this agreement, and shall be restricted to Laptop only.                                                                
3. No external recording of video content by screen recording application or using external camera or by any means is allowed in this agreement.                                                                
4. Breach of this agreement leads to complete block of video classes and lawful action under the COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957.                                                                
5. The Content is copyrighted and protected under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, The Content shall remain the sole and exclusive property of DG EDUCATION PVT LTD.                                                                
Use of the Content is licensed, not sold, pursuant to the terms of this License Agreement. Use of the Content without agreeing to this License Agreement, or a breach of these License Agreement terms, is copyright infringement.                                                                
6. DG Education grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Content only as provided in this License Agreement.                                                                
Unauthorised copying, re-recording, broadcasting, public performance, hiring or rental of this recording in whatever manner is strictly prohibited under the Indian Piracy Law & Copyright Act of 1957.                                                                
Definition :                                                                 
"Content" shall mean animations, templates clipart, footage, graphics, music, sounds, and text regardless of whether the Content is obtained delivered via any Storage Media, or obtained from a DG Education authorized distributor, together with all accompanying material.                                                                
"Storage Media" shall mean PEN DRIVE, digital video disc (DVD), or any other storage device or media now known, or hereafter created.                                                                
"User" shall mean the individual, legal entity or agent entering into this license agreement or any employee or contractor of such individual, legal entity or agent that accesses the Content. All Users shall only use the Content in accordance with the terms of this Agreement                                                                 
II. Replacement Policy:                                                                
Customer can replace his/her purchased course/product/item within (5) five days with the following terms & conditions.                                                                
1. Replacement is only be done with same and not with other course/products/items.                                                                
2. If received a wrong course/product/item                                                                
3. If received product is damaged or non-working condition.                                                                
4. If received product or DG Education provided software/player not functional under valid Laptop Configuration and cannot be resolved remotely by the technical team.                                                                
III. Exchange Policy:                                                                
No course/product/item exchanged is allowed with other course/product/item of DG Education.                                                                
No customer can seek replacement of product with new product launched.                                                                
IV. Cancellation/Return/Refund Policy:                                                                
Customer can cancel or return or refund his/her order with the following terms & conditions.                                                                
Purchase Order (PO) will be cancelled or returned or refunded only for valid reasons.                                                                
1. If customer received order different than described in course description, DG Education allow 100% refund, plus bear return shipping cost at its end.                                                                
2. If DG Education could not help you to run DG Education Software under valid Laptop Configurations with all efforts, then DG Education allow 100% refund. However, customer to bear return shipping cost at its end.                                                                
3. For any reason than above, customer wants to cancel or return the order, then following terms & conditions will be applied                                                                 
1. If order has not been dispatched within (7) seven days from date of purchase (PO), then Total amount 100% will be refunded. Refund initiation time will be upto 7 days.                                                                
For example – (Purchase Value, Rs. 15,000) – (Cancellation & Bank Charges, Approx Rs. 350.00) = (Refunded Value, Rs. 14,650)                                                                
2. If order has been dispatched: Total amount less 25% cancellation charges, less shipping charges will be refunded. Refund will be initiated after receiving return shipment from the customer.                                                                
For example – (Purchase Value, Rs. 15,000) – (Cancellation Charges, Rs. 4,500) – (Shipping Charges, Rs. 600) = (Refunded Value, Rs. 9,900)                                                                
In this case, all return shipment charges are borne by customer.                                                                
NO REFUND IF RETURNED MATERIAL IS FOUND TO BE USED AT CUSTOMER'S END.