CA Final AMA Pen Drive Classes - Advanced Management Accounting

23 Lectures | Approx 3 Hours Each
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Validity - 8 months from the date of Activation.

Views - View system is friendly. You get double watch time. For Example Suppose A video is of 3 hours (180 minutes) then you may watch that lecture 6 hours (Just double the time of Lecture duration) i.e. 360 minutes.

You don’t need to watch full lecture at single sitting. It means suppose you watched for 10 minutes and close window then only 10 minutes will be deducted & remaining watch time will be 350 minutes.

  • Classes will play only in window based laptop. classes will not play in phone or Apple laptop.

  • Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in laptop only, system cannot be changed due to any reason .If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop.

  • You are not allowed to format the Laptop after installation of Pen Drive Setup (Neither intentionally Nor Accidently)

  • Classes will play only in laptop or PC. Classes will not play in Phone

  • Documents verification required .

  • classes cannot be extended in any case whatsoever.